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Fray Ardens X Cobra Rock


$ 206.00

Heady, deep, leathery, euphoric and low... our collaboration unisex fragrance by Marfa perfumer Fray Ardens. Fray's premiere perfume HYDRA launched in the Fall of 2017 and quickly became a cult-favorite with its dark and woody aroma. The 50ml spray bottle features a carved mesquite top by Marfa artist Camp Bosworth (a limited run). Also available in 10ml rollerball or 1ml sample. The 50ml spray is suspended in alcohol, while the 10ml rollerball is suspended in oil.

What does it smell like? A poem from Fray:

Smoke and haystacks
Stacks of leather
Stretched while someone a block away smokes a mugwort cigar
Thin high air
Finishes slow and heavy
Notes of forest floor, rockrose stuck to a cactus spine

Top: carrot seed, herb
Mid: flowers from a young tree
Base: oakmoss, darkened amber, resins from wounded wild wood

Made in the USA.