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HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens
HYDRA // Fray Ardens

Fray Ardens X Cobra Rock

HYDRA // Fray Ardens

$ 206.00

Unisex fragrances from Fray Ardens, including our Cobra Rock collaboration, HYDRA.

The 50ml spray is suspended in alcohol, while the 10ml rollerball is suspended in fractionated coconut oil.


A poem from Fray:

Smoke and haystacks
Stacks of leather
Stretched while someone a block away smokes a mugwort cigar
Thin high air
Finishes slow and heavy
Notes of forest floor, rockrose stuck to a cactus spine

Top: carrot seed, herb
Mid: flowers from a young tree
Base: oakmoss, darkened amber, resins from wounded wild wood

Nouveau Ranch

High desert air, sacred fragile flowers, eyelash grass, and new money.

Base : orris, violet leaf, cedarwood, cinged grass
Heart: sacred wood
Top: blood citrus


Sharp snake tongue with a cloud body. Tripping into dessert space with hi-fi notes that wash and low nimbus notes that linger. Earth, vine, thorn and sharp summer.

Base: The woods
Heart: powder
Top: seeds of a nightshade


If the desert spoke in high-notes; tilted on spicy, spiked with blossoms. Formulated for the high-desert-bound umbraphile. Deeply rooted with finger tips in the mountain air. Sweet nuance, smokey undertones, sharp herb.

Base: bunchgrass, deadnettle
Heart: bitter orange blossom, spice
Top: leaves and green twigs of bitter orange

Cactus Prick

Cactus Prick Eau Du Parfum and its roll-on is the old oil $ shadow-side-alter to its grassy, hi-noted nu-monied brother Nouveau Ranch. Cactus Prick is Non-nuanced smoke, ember, lapsang suchong esque, uber-masc.

Dusty Rose

This multifleur floral has a dusty underbelly giving room to the desert attar underworld occupied by dark and balmy spirits

Base: religious resins, attar
Heart: beeswax, dirt and slenderherb
Top: tres roses


The dusty shadow alter sister-brother to it's strange floral, deeply neroli'd ANIMA. Pneuma is named for its haunting, ensouled aether in a glass vessel. A velvet ache.