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Crows Electromusic


$ 129

Cobra Rock is proud to be the sole US-retailer of OVUM, a standalone all-analog tool for exploratory sound synthesis. All you need to start creating is headphones. Experience with other music instruments is unnecessary, and with no digital components, screens, quantization, or key-combinations to memorize, everything is immediate and at your fingertips. 

Both a creative and meditative experience, OVUM allows you to explore pure tones, drones, and microtonal sound textures. Five independently controlled triangle-core oscillators give five lush sounds to layer and evolve. Each has a separate control for volume, pitch, and tone, and can be switched between a bright square wave and a crisp triangle wave. OVUM also has a beautiful wood and aluminum exterior that feels as good in your hands as it looks on your tabletop.

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada.

Headphones not included.